Monday , 22 January 2018

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More Businesses Are Hit by Cyber Attack

If you are of the opinion that your enterprise is too young and small to be an eye-catching target for notorious cyber criminals or even small time hackers who just love to fiddle around on the Internet, steal away information or merely destroy it, think again! The world today has become highly connected & converged and several investigative reports and ... Read More »

Primary School kids bullied at HDB Corridor. Many Witness, But no action.

SINGAPORE – Few kids was seen bullying younger kids at a HDB Block 107 Corridor. According to Laurel, the female who captured the entire incident was ignored after she shouted at them. She also said that a Chinese man which went over to stop them but the bully continue when the man left the scene. However, the act stop when the same man ... Read More »

Binded Possessed Doll found at Hougang was informed that someone unblind it

SINGAPORE – Creepy looking doll, claimed to be possessed was found abandoned at Hougang, Singapore. Netizen saw a group of Malay conducting a spiritual rituals on a doll which was place under a tree and was blindfolded. There was also a writing as seen on the cloth. It was told that the doll will move by itself when no one is ... Read More »

[VIDEO] Girls Broke into Marble Slab Creamery at JCube to steal Ice-Cream

SINGAPORE – A group of mischievous girls broke in to Marble Slab Creamery at JCube Singapore to steal Ice-Cream. They are also caught opening up the cashier box to see if there’s any money in the box. Netizen Khai commented: “Going through the cash register is not mischief. It is the intention to steal.” Another Netizen Alan also commented: “Since they ... Read More »

Largest Internet Radio in Singapore Now Support Local Music & Talent

SINGAPORE – According to statistic, on May 2014, The Live Radio hit the milestone by becoming the largest internet radio in Singapore. Today, the station breaks the news that The Live Radio will now be officially supporting local music and talent. “It was indeed heartwarming that we can now support local music and talents in Singapore. I am sure with more ... Read More »

New “Godzilla Planet” Is 17 Times Heavier Than Earth

Among the haul of tons of of latest planets found by the Kepler Space Telescope, many have certified as tremendous-Earths — worlds which are a number of occasions bigger than Earth, are rocky like our personal, and reside within the liveable zones of their stars. But by no means earlier than had scientists detected a world like Kepler-10c, a “mega-Earth” ... Read More »

iPhone 6 Details: Release Date, Sapphire Crystal Displays, Specs, Improved Camera and More

The upcoming iPhone S can be a marked departure from the smartphones that Apple has remodeled the previous few years. Apart from breaking lots of its personal guidelines and design ideas, the corporate may even be including some particular elements and supplies to the smartphone. Here is a compilation of every thing we all know concerning the handset up to ... Read More »

Australian bus company has declared to enter Singapore Market to compete with SMRT & SBS

SINGAPORE – Following the federal government’s announcement of a bus system overhaul, an Australian bus firm has declared that it intends to enter the Singapore market and can quickly be establishing an workplace right here. Tower Transit, which was based in Perth, Australia has a number of different investments into overseas bus methods together with the operation of over four hundred ... Read More »

Meat Now Can Be ‘Grown’ in Lab

Imagine a day when hamburgers grown from stem cells in a manufacturing unit present sufficient meat for a whole village. Such a future is inside attain, some specialists say. The know-how wanted to develop meat in a lab already exists, and represents a greener and extra moral type of manufacturing than present strategies. If individuals settle for the thought of consuming lab-grown ... Read More »

Woman Called The Police And Asks Officer For Sex which was then Arrested

FLORIDA – A Florida lady referred to as police after which got here onto the responding officer, asking him for intercourse. Maria Montanez-Colon, fifty eight, was arrested for abusing the 911 system when she referred to as police with a bogus story, and when an officer arrived she tried to have intercourse with him. The lady informed police that she ... Read More »