Friday , 15 December 2017

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Get your favourite food back home with unexpected cool feature!

When you get home after a hard day at work, chances are that you cannot be bothered with cooking. You dream of sitting in your favorite restaurant and eating your favorite dishes, each one being delivered to your table by the waiter. Then you snap back into reality and search for the take away menu from your local haunt. The ... Read More »

Meat Now Can Be ‘Grown’ in Lab

Imagine a day when hamburgers grown from stem cells in a manufacturing unit present sufficient meat for a whole village. Such a future is inside attain, some specialists say. The know-how wanted to develop meat in a lab already exists, and represents a greener and extra moral type of manufacturing than present strategies. If individuals settle for the thought of consuming lab-grown ... Read More »

Science Explains: 5 Second Rule On Dropped Food is Legit

In the Philippines and doubtless all over the place else, you may need encountered this earlier than. You and your folks are fortunately consuming away. All of the sudden, one among your folks dropped his or her meals on the desk. After a quick second, the one that dropped the meals will decide it up, and the say these strains ... Read More »