Saturday , 20 January 2018

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Singapore Underage Teen Took ‘Sex’ Photos at HDB Staircase

SINGAPORE – 2 young teen and a photographer took a photo of themselves as if there are having sex. Many reacted to the photos that was uploaded to Facebook few days ago in regard to either this is a prank or not. It was just not right. What can be said? It just sad to see these happens to our ... Read More »

Teen forces girl to perform sex act, posts video online

SINGAPORE – He had intercourse together with his thirteen-yr-previous schoolmate who was additionally his girlfriend, pressured her to carry out oral intercourse on him, then filmed and posted the video on-line with out her information. Yesterday, the then 14-yr-previous male scholar, was spared reformative coaching and given a complete of 21 months’ probation as an alternative. Neither the accused nor ... Read More »

Teen Wrote on Facebook on How Stupid the Poor Are

SINGAPORE – Wealthy people conversed on Facebook about how silly the poor individuals are. One of them had stated that the poor don’t recognise alternative — even when it smacks them within the face. Some citizen additionally criticized: “As a pal of the individual in query, it disgusts me to see how these so-referred to as wealthy youngsters with silver ... Read More »