Saturday , 16 December 2017

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DJ Boasted about having Sex with the corpses in a mortuary

The vile DJ brazenly boasted about an act he sickeningly dubbed “garamoosh” whereas he wheeled our bodies round at night time and made glass eyes from them into rings. The sickening extent of Jimmy Savile’s depravity was laid naked in the present day as damning reviews revealed the pervert was free to roam hospitals abusing victims at will – even ... Read More »

“Brain” was found in a KFC Meal

Fast food giant KFC has apologized to a UK student after he came across what appeared to be a chicken’s brain in his meal. Ibrahim Langoo, 19, of Essex, was eating at the Colchester restaurant in December when he came across the brain-like organ in his chicken, The Sun reports. Horrified by the sight and unable to bring himself to pick up the object, ... Read More »

Girl’s face melted due to medicines prescribed by doctor

United Kingdom – A trainee hairdresser from the UK developed a daunting allergic response after taking treatment designed to alleviate heartburn. Instead of relieving her signs, 17-yr-previous Leanne Howe’s pores and skin broke out in intense rashes that scabbed over and began falling off in chunks. Her pores and skin was weeping thick yellow pus and blisters shaped in her ... Read More »