Chaos at Singapore nightclub after breast implants burst on dance floor

SINGAPORE – Patrons at a popular Singapore nightclub were given the shock of their life after a tragic accident on the middle of the crowded dance floor. According to a witness on the scene, the breast implants of a 23-year old local woman simultaneously popped while she was locked in a passionate embrace with an unidentified male during the early hours of last Saturday morning.

Party goers at the club, located in Toa Payoh, reported hearing what sounded like a muffled pop, and some were coated with a thin film of an unknown substance, later revealed to be silicone. The witness who spoke to Batty Post mentioned that the girl had been dancing with a man for some time before the incident. “The pair were carrying on in a raunchy fashion on the dance floor, and the guy couldn’t keep his hands off her. When I saw him reaching under her dress I knew he was a real ham sup lo!” The naughty behaviour continued, and the witness was compelled to remove their handphone to capture the acts on video. “I wanted to have a record of this dirty tiko peh!” It wasn’t long before the man’s hands migrated north, and he proceeded to give the woman’s papayas a generous squeeze. “He was really going to town, when suddenly there was a terrible popping sound.”

The club’s management quickly evacuated the venue and it has been closed since for cleaning and disinfecting. However, there was a post on their Facebook page today announcing the club would be reopening tonight, but with a new policy. “We hope our guests understand, but to ensure the safety of patrons and staff we have implemented a strict ban on breast implants at our club. Our door staff have received training on distinguishing between real and fake and will be squeezing in case of any doubts. Thank you for coming!”


Pervert Now Take it to Carousell for sex

SINGAPORE – A man in his 20s, contacted his potential prey and act as if he is interested to buy her items.

After the young female responded, he then took the next step by asking them for sex and even offer her $300 in cash.

When he was politely rejected by the seller, he continues to push his luck and proposed to her a “no physical contact” masturbation with her wearing the shirt.

A resident commented: “It’s a weird world out there, why do this when you can go Geylang or Desker road to fulfill your fetish?”.

WLE News editor understood that there were many younger teenage using this site to sell or buy items. Do you think perverts should be handed over to the police for further investigation to prevent anyone from being targeted especially the children?

Tell us your comment below.


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Female Say: No LV Bag? No Valentine For You

SINGAPORE – A young local female, with the name of Lucrecia, made a public post telling the public not to waste her time if you are not rich enough to buy her a LV Bag (branded bag).

Below is her public post:

Stop asking me what I want for a present. Unless you’re rich enough to buy me that YSL or LV Bag. Don’t bother asking me out on Valentine’s day either.

I’m not that average cute girl that u can handle. Don’t come near me because of my looks, Ill scare u off with my attitude.


Time to get back on track & wake up from a dream. I’ve gotten too spoilt.

Branded bags, cosmetics, diamonds, hotbod, looks & career.

‪#‎workforit‬ ‪#‎independence‬ ‪#‎女强人‬ ‪#‎iwantmyyvessaintlaurentbags‬ ‪#‎idontneedamantobehappy‬

A public commented that he saw the a post from Facebook that this young female who thinks she’s made of gold, as her looks are normal at best but yet so arrogant. She demand guys to be rich enough to buy her branded bags, else can forget about asking her out for valentines day. Such attitude makes him sick in the stomach.

He also continue that he hope she is the minority in Singapore if not we are doomed.

UPDATED @ 2/2/2016 8.51AM: The teen made a new public statement online.


Share with us what do you think of her below!


Girl Smacked and Locked in bus by SBS Bus Inspector for using “Expired Card”

SINGAPORE – A female student was ‘smacked’ and locked in bus by SBS bus transit inspector for using ‘expired card’. According to Carrie, she board the bus at 2.30pm which upon boarding, there’s insufficient fund on my card so she paid 85 cents for her trip to school.

While on the journey, a Malay inspector came up and started shouting at passenger for their bus card. As the student presented her card, the inspector started to get aggressive as he mentioned it was expired.

Below is the full message from Carrie:

Dear SBS Transit , I’m very disappointed & offended by your transport inspector. I boarded SBS bus service 14 (Bus no. 7346H) at around 2.30pm. I’m still a student hence I’m still using the student card I have on hand. Upon boarding there’s insufficient fund on my card so I paid 85cents for my trip to school.

On the way to school a transport inspector boarded the bus. His a Malay transport inspector, his name is Shahruddin Mohd . He came up the the top deck which I was sitting. I was on the phone with my girlfriend at that point. He started to approach the secondary students beside me aggressively by shouting for their bus cards or tickets. When he got to me instead of asking for my ticket politely he smack my arm hardly twice. At that point I was very furious already. Like excuse me who are you to smack me so hardly, do I even know you.

Okay I brush it off & handed him my ticket. He asked for my card so I handed him my bus card too. Upon inspection he shouted your card expired already why you still use. At that point I was very lost as I didn’t know it had expired & I’ve been using it all along & topping it up daily. Guess what that barbarian told me, he asked me to pay a penalty fine of $50 on the spot.

I was furious I screamed at him saying wtf, why I honestly didn’t know that my card has expired. He was forcing me to make payment on the spot or demanding for my particulars so he could fine me. My friend was still on the line she heard everything. As i did make quite a scene as I was very shocked & offended, the other passengers were looking on. That barbarian has the cheek to go tell them I’m not condemning her as you can see she’s being unreasonable.

Excuse me who’s being unreasonable & obviously you are condemning me. I’m thankful for the adults present on the bus for helping me. Telling that barbarian that he could have just asked me to pay the adult fare instead of forcing me to pay $50 on the spot. But that barbarian was too stubborn and told them it’s not their problem & continue to demand for my particulars and wants me to pay the $50 fine .

So I shouted at him straight that he has no rights to demand for my particulars, he doesn’t have the authority to ask for it. So I asked him does he want me to call the police. At that point he took my card & went down to make noise to the driver. Thinking that he will have to return my bus card sooner or later so I just went back to talking to my worried friend.

After a while the bus stopped moving feeling something is amiss. I took a look to notice that barbarian has asked everyone to exit the bus & locked me up in the bus. I was very furious, I was late for school already due to his nonsense. I went down & demanded to leave so I can faster rush to school as today we are having lessons on our upcoming examinations which is really important. Bloody barbarian die die wants me to pay $50 or I can’t leave.

I swear i was at the brink of going crazy & killing him. I kept cursing cuz I really need to be in school to attend lessons. So the police came & attended to this issue, bloody barbarian lied to the police saying I was violent & wanted to attack him infront of my face. Wtf he was the one threatening me & being violent which cause me to protect myself against him. Thanks to this barbarian I was late for school for 2 hours and missing 2 hours of important lecture.

So SBS is this they way you train your inspectors, asking them to threaten students, demanding them to pay $50 on the spot for not being aware that your card has expired. The way he approach bus passengers can be aggressive & he can lay hands on the passengers. I demand a apology & compensation from your officer SHAHRUDDIN MOHD. No way am I going to pay a fine after your barbaric inspector smack me twice & threaten me to pay $50 on the spot to the extend of locking me up in the bus & causing me to miss 2 hours of my examination lecture.

Tried calling your hotline but you didn’t pick up. So fine this goes on social media to let others see how horrid your inspectors are to passengers. I’ll kindly appreciate that you get back to me ASAP regarding this issue. My family is furious that I missed 2 hours of my class & your officer for laying his hands on me & threatening me.

I strongly suggest a punishment or suspension for your transport inspector SHAHRUDDIN MOHD for him to know its wrong to lay hands on passengers or threatening them to the extend of locking the passenger up in the bus & still has the cheek to lie. For future bus passengers do take note of this person.

Carrie Chen



Snowing was spotted in Hong Kong by Thousands of Hongkongers

HONG KONG – Thousands of Hongkongers got themselves into a tizzy over the weekend when a clip appearing to show snowfall in Fanling went viral.

Excitement over the video has since died down, as a senior scientific officer at the Hong Kong Observatory dismissed snowfall in the region as “suspicious”, but it appears the viral clip has found a successor to its dubious throne with this video:

The clip, which appears to have been filmed on Paterson Street in Causeway Bay on Sunday afternoon, shows small, snow-like specks falling from above.

The comment section attracted the same mix of awe and cynicism as the Fanling video did previously, with some decrying the Hong Kong Observatory for shooting down hopes of snowfall, while others more cautiously ventured that the specks were in fact ice pellets. One commenter, who claims to have been in the area, said the flakes were merely tiny blobs of foam from a manmade snow gun.

Our favourite commenter of the lot was one Hongkonger who theorised that the whole video was in fact an advertising ploy by HMV (whose entrance is visible in the video).

While frost and ice pellets were seen on some of Hong Kong’s higher peaks, it seems unlikely that they would occur in warmer urban areas like Causeway Bay.


Gang Members use Chopper Slash Continuously at a man Unarmed

MALAYSIA – A group of gang members with chopper (Parang) knife were seem fighting and slashing 2 male in a Korean BBQ store.  After one of the man successfully ran out, they chased after him and started slashing with the chopper.

Editor’s note: We are unable to confirm the outcome of the victims whether the man was injured or alive.

See the video below.


Singaporean passenger found death on flight PR 2177 (Tigerair) flying toward Thailand

BANGKOK – A Singapore-bound Tigerair plane made an emergency landing at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport on Tuesday (Jan 12) after a Singaporean passenger died while on the flight from Chiang Mai.

The 58-year-old man was taking his family of five back home from Chiang Mai with his Thai wife on Flight PR 2177, Thai PBS reported on Wednesday. His Thai wife told Thai airport officials that her husband was suffering from some chronic illness, according to the report.

The man fell ill while on the plane, forcing the pilot to seek emergency landing at Suvarnabhumi airport for medical help. But he died on the plane. His body was later taken out for autopsy at the Police General Hospital, the report said.

Tigerair’s spokesman said: “Our immediate concern is for these next of kin and we are doing what we can to assist them.”

The original flight continued back from Bangkok and landed safely in Singapore the same evening with the rest of the passengers.


2 man tried to rob a convenience store, but got backfired

MALAYSIA – 2 man wearing their motorcycle helmet tried to rob a convenience store in Malaysia with a fruit knife. However, they didn’t expect the store owner to have a chopper (parang) beside him.

Upon the owner taking out his chopper, the 2 robbery flee the scene instantly afraid the store owner might hurt them. See the video below.


Another Scammer in Carousell caught

SINGAPORE – According to source, She’s an experienced conwoman who has been scamming many innocent people on carousell for years with dozens and dozens of different accounts. She’s very polite and prompt in replies, until the moment you transfer her your money. She vanishes into thin air and you won’t hear from her again. She will fill her page with listings of items that are relevant in the current, items that are “trendy” or “in”, things that people sought after on Carousell. She will list her items at an alarmingly low price, for example: A BNIP Beauty blender for $12 (with the caption that she got it as a gift but she already has 2 back ups) while everyone else on carousell is selling it at $25, more than double her price. /
POSB Savings: 249-59607-8
Number: 92241***


^ These are listings that a past victim has been putting up to try to warn and steer people away from her. Unfortunately I didn’t see this before I gave her my money.

Majority of us on carousell are looking for quick bargains, so many of us will be baited by her listings on her different accounts that were put up to intentionally tempt us to “buy” from her. I say “buy” because really, she has no intention of selling it to you. She continuously cheats people of their money, gets reported to Carousell admin, gets suspended and hops onto another one of her hundreds of accounts. So far, no one has stopped her because she’s smart and quick to disappear without a trace. (Or so she thinks!)


Initially, I gave her the benefit of a doubt and even told her I understood if she had not mailed out the items like she said she would, as it was new years period and she might be busy celebrating and spending time with her family. Still, I got no response from her. After a few days I got really suspicious since she never marked the item I paid for as SOLD, and she also did not click to accept my offer. The items were left on her page, and there were clearly many other interested parties. I found out that I had transferred $42 to her for items that she did not even have anymore.


Since she had two recent positive feedbacks on her page, I assumed she was kinda trustworthy, which I was so wrong about. I messaged the two girls who left her feedbacks, and their deals were successful because they did meet ups. None of them had her contact number, and they both said that she works at NEX wearing her black Sephora uniform, and stays near Cove LRT. I checked with one of them and found out that she actually purchased the exact same items that I had bought! She was collecting money for items that were already sold! How f’ed up is that?!


I was going to comment on all her listings to warn others not to give their money to her, but I saw that someone else who she scammed had already done that. I’ve been talking to her and since then we have found 2 more girls who have been scammed by the same carousell account, which makes us 4. Note that this is just ONE account which has been up for less than a week, she has SO many more accounts with different names that has been suspended for scamming! Imagine the amount of money and people she has collected from doing this for years!


I messaged her yesterday to tell her that if she does not return me and the other girls’ money by 12am last night, that I would be pursuing this matter. She clearly was not afraid at all after having gotten away scot-free hundreds of times. It’s unfortunate that most people who get scammed would just let it slide so easily, because now she has scammed even more people and have gotten away with it just like that.


Filzah, sweetie. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. I gave you your chance, and you chose this. I told you I wasn’t going to just let this slide. I told you you wouldn’t get away with this. Since you refused to return the money you stole, I spent alot of yesterday going back and forth your loopholes, talking to more people, sourcing for more information, and now I know who you are and where you’re from. I’m sure you didn’t win the “Guess Girl Model Search” for a reason… they probably saw through how fake you are. Karma’s coming for you, and it’s going to hit you like a truck. In your face.