Sunday , 18 February 2018

Citizen Journalism

Female Say: No LV Bag? No Valentine For You

SINGAPORE – A young local female, with the name of Lucrecia, made a public post telling the public not to waste her time if you are not rich enough to buy her a LV Bag (branded bag). Below is her public post: Stop asking me what I want for a present. Unless you’re rich enough to buy me that YSL or ... Read More »

Another Scammer in Carousell caught

SINGAPORE – According to source, She’s an experienced conwoman who has been scamming many innocent people on carousell for years with dozens and dozens of different accounts. She’s very polite and prompt in replies, until the moment you transfer her your money. She vanishes into thin air and you won’t hear from her again. She will fill her page with listings ... Read More »


SINGAPORE – Moneymax sold a fake Rolax watch to customer and refused refund. The outlet even dare the customer to lodge a police report. Below is a report written by the victim. “Dear friends the previous post got deleted accidentally. Sorry! Please help share and spread the word Thank you!! “I’m loss for words and disappointed with Money Max’s service. ... Read More »

Singapore Underage Teen Took ‘Sex’ Photos at HDB Staircase

SINGAPORE – 2 young teen and a photographer took a photo of themselves as if there are having sex. Many reacted to the photos that was uploaded to Facebook few days ago in regard to either this is a prank or not. It was just not right. What can be said? It just sad to see these happens to our ... Read More »

DJ Boasted about having Sex with the corpses in a mortuary

The vile DJ brazenly boasted about an act he sickeningly dubbed “garamoosh” whereas he wheeled our bodies round at night time and made glass eyes from them into rings. The sickening extent of Jimmy Savile’s depravity was laid naked in the present day as damning reviews revealed the pervert was free to roam hospitals abusing victims at will – even ... Read More »

A Case Against National Service

SINGAPORE – The prospect of National Service (NS) unsettles. Some of us brim with pleasure, a few of us can not fathom the navy regimentation and the bodily exertion, and a few of us query the very want for the purportedly anachronistic establishment. “Why waste two years, with Singapore’s diplomacy, expertise, and the disadvantages of servicemen at school and on ... Read More »

Binded Possessed Doll found at Hougang was informed that someone unblind it

SINGAPORE – Creepy looking doll, claimed to be possessed was found abandoned at Hougang, Singapore. Netizen saw a group of Malay conducting a spiritual rituals on a doll which was place under a tree and was blindfolded. There was also a writing as seen on the cloth. It was told that the doll will move by itself when no one is ... Read More »

Selfie taken during a fight at buffet restaurant staff

SINGAPORE – A woman created a scene because she was made to pay for unconsumed food at a buffet restaurant at United Square. According to Stomp, the restaurant charges $5 for 100 grams of food wastage. This policy is clearly stated on the acrylic table display stands placed at every table. They mentioned that the woman was arguing viciously and even ... Read More »

Man goes to McDonald’s with a female underwear on his head

SINGAPORE – Uniquely Singapore. This man went to a McDonald restaurant in Singapore with a pink and white female looking underwear on his head. The man was seated at a table before proceeding to make a purchase. A netizen Alpha commented: “I have heard that one in six Singaporean are having mental related issue, it is not funny.” “Social problems will only ... Read More »

Singaporean files police report in JB because fried rice was ‘too spicy’

JOHOR BARU – A police report made by a Singaporean man in Johor Baru, Malaysia has gone viral on-line — as a result of it was a few plate of fried rice being ‘too spicy’. According to The Rakyat Post, the 60-yr-previous Singaporean man from Taman Jurong had filed a police report as a result of the ‘nasi goreng kampung’ (native fried ... Read More »