Girl’s face melted due to medicines prescribed by doctor

March 3, 2014

United Kingdom – A trainee hairdresser from the UK developed a daunting allergic response after taking treatment designed to alleviate heartburn.

Instead of relieving her signs, 17-yr-previous Leanne Howe’s pores and skin broke out in intense rashes that scabbed over and began falling off in chunks. Her pores and skin was weeping thick yellow pus and blisters shaped in her mouth and throat, making it troublesome for her to breathe.

What was left of her pores and skin additionally developed monumental fluid crammed blisters, some as giant as 7cm throughout.

She stated she thought she was going to die. “I could not transfer and my face was so swollen that my eyes had fused shut,” she informed the Mirror UK.

She could not stroll as blistered had shaped on her ft and she or he was discovered on the toilet flooring by her mom.

In addition, she misplaced some 8kg from her already petite 44kg body, largely as a result of lack of fluid.

She was rushed to the hospital the place docs utilized cream onto her pores and skin, solely to have her pores and skin fall off into their palms. There, docs recognized her to be affected by Stevens-Johnson syndrome, a uncommon, one-in-a-million excessive allergic response to the antacid medicine she took.

Because of the depth of her allergic response, Leanne needed to be positioned on a drip and smothered in gel treatment with a view to assist her retain fluid.

She has since recovered.


Girl’s face melted due to medicines prescribed by doctor
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