Road Bully, 24 Undergraduate, Arrested

February 17, 2014

SINGAPORE – The Honda Civic driver branded a “street bully” by netizens due to two on-line movies displaying him tailgating, overtaking and braking recklessly has been arrested.

In response to media queries, police confirmed that a 24-yr-previous man has been arrested and investigations are ongoing.

Mr Quek Zhen Hao, a 24-yr-previous undergraduate, was arrested on Feb eleven for committing a rash act.

He has been the main target of heated criticism since early February, with netizens calling him “public enemy”, “ugly” and an “Ah Beng”, and taking justice into their very own arms by digging up his private info to flow into on-line. This drove Mr Quek to publish up a video of himself apologising, and lamenting how he, in flip, had develop into the main target of “cyber Ah Bengs”.


Road Bully, 24 Undergraduate, Arrested
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