Selfie taken during a fight at buffet restaurant staff

May 22, 2014

SINGAPORE – A woman created a scene because she was made to pay for unconsumed food at a buffet restaurant at United Square.

According to Stomp, the restaurant charges $5 for 100 grams of food wastage. This policy is clearly stated on the acrylic table display stands placed at every table.

They mentioned that the woman was arguing viciously and even screamed vulgarities at a cashier who was trying to explain the food wastage policy to her. Other staff members were also trying to explain the policy to the woman.

The commotion lasted for well over 30 minutes, resulting in a hold up at the payment counter even though another cashier was opened to handle the crowd waiting to pay.

The police was called in after the woman started throwing the bag of unconsumed food and a calculator at the cashier.

Timothy says:

“This happened at a relatively posh International eatery where the cost per adult is $44.80++.

“I was seated right beside the counter, so I could see the whole situation happening clearly.

“The staff had packed her uneaten food into a bag and weighed it in front of her.

“She later threw the bag at the cashier along with the calculator that the cashier was using to explain her bill to her.

“The man next to her seems to be her partner but he kept quiet and seemed to try to calm her at some points.

“I left after the police arrived so I do not know what happened after that.”


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