Singapore Underage Teen Took ‘Sex’ Photos at HDB Staircase

July 6, 2014

SINGAPORE – 2 young teen and a photographer took a photo of themselves as if there are having sex. Many reacted to the photos that was uploaded to Facebook few days ago in regard to either this is a prank or not. It was just not right.

What can be said? It just sad to see these happens to our younger generation. Even if it fake or real. It is still harmful to see this on social network and letting people share around.

One of the Facebook person commented: “The guy and girl in the photo and the photographer are still young and might be still under age and yet have this kind of mindset for doing all this sexual thing and post it up without feeling ashame, what could the younger kids view from this if they got to see it?”

Don’t you think it will get even worse? It is harmful for them. Why cant they think before doing such an act. It dont bring them any popularity though. Hopefully no younger kids will follow their path.

If the girl is being sabotage or prank by this guy in the photo, hopefully she will report this to the police.


Singapore Underage Teen Took ‘Sex’ Photos at HDB Staircase
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