Are Singaporean Becoming Lazy?

April 2, 2014

SINGAPORE – Singapore is likely one of the richest nations on the earth. So is Norway. The stark distinction is, Norway has oil that gasoline their wealth subsequently they will afford to provide large social welfare to their residents. But this welfare is encouraging them to cease working. This causes alot of issues for the nation.

There are many singaporeans wanting our authorities to provide out welfare for the jobless. Many too needs to have larger pay but rejecting the thought of working lengthy hours or on weekends. This is a transparent signal we’re heading within the path of what Norway is dealing with. Citizens getting lazy as a result of the nation is wealthy. Getting complacent as a result of the federal government is giving out extra money for social wants due to finances surpluses and so on.

What do you assume if PAP truly turns round and provides us full social welfare advantages? Do you assume singaporeans will nonetheless be encourage to work extra or develop into like norwegians who assume they deserved it due to the weath in their very own nation?


Are Singaporean Becoming Lazy?
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