[VIDEO] Car Accident at Woodlands Cross Junction

April 21, 2014

SINGAPORE – A cyclist witness an Car Accident occurred at Woodlands Cross Junction and saw a group of people from different races helped in flipping the over-turned vehicle over to help the driver inside.

Netizen Tony commented:

“This is like in the old village ways… They call it ‘bergotong-royong’. if only all of us Singaporean have the same heart as them. We could show those foreigner whos trying to take over our country what is like to be a a true Singaporean.”

Netizen Neethya also commented:

“Not just Singaporeans there I could also see Indian foreigners.. it’s not about Singaporean or foreigners but it’s about the heart and tot that counts which made them help at the scene. I wish everyone one of us should be like them instead of just looking at the accident, drive slow and cause congestion on the road..”

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[VIDEO] Car Accident at Woodlands Cross Junction
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