Most S’poreans trust govt to deal with corrupt officials

May 4, 2014

SINGAPORE – More than seven in 10 Singaporeans consider that corrupt authorities officers who misuse public funds will be unable to get away with their crime.

This is in accordance with a ballot of ninety nine nations by the World Justice Project (WJP), which describes itself as an unbiased organisation working to advance the rule of regulation around the globe.

The survey outcomes confirmed that a majority of individuals — sixty two per cent of people worldwide — consider that a excessive-rating authorities officer responsible of utilizing public cash for private profit will face no punishment for his or her conduct.

The research confirmed that seventy three per cent of Singaporeans consider that offenders can be held accountable, putting the republic fifth behind Botswana (88 per cent), New Zealand (seventy nine per cent), Norway (seventy six per cent) and Hong Kong (seventy five per cent).

Other nations that make up the highest 10 embrace Denmark (70 per cent) and the USA (sixty five per cent).

More than 70 of the ninety nine nations surveyed scored decrease than 50 per cent, a end result which WJP stated suggests a “international mistrust in accountability techniques meant to take care of moral authorities”.

“Instead residents throughout areas consider governments most frequently start investigations into complaints, solely to let the wrongdoer off,” it added.


Most S’poreans trust govt to deal with corrupt officials
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