Pervert Now Take it to Carousell for sex

February 6, 2016

SINGAPORE – A man in his 20s, contacted his potential prey and act as if he is interested to buy her items.

After the young female responded, he then took the next step by asking them for sex and even offer her $300 in cash.

When he was politely rejected by the seller, he continues to push his luck and proposed to her a “no physical contact” masturbation with her wearing the shirt.

A resident commented: “It’s a weird world out there, why do this when you can go Geylang or Desker road to fulfill your fetish?”.

WLE News editor understood that there were many younger teenage using this site to sell or buy items. Do you think perverts should be handed over to the police for further investigation to prevent anyone from being targeted especially the children?

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Pervert Now Take it to Carousell for sex
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