A Chinese Restaurant in Singapore sells Rabbit Meat

December 6, 2019
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Simply final week, the restaurant began providing 2 rabbit-based dishes, 1 of which is a rabbit hotpot. The Fb submit, sadly, has been taken down on the time of writing.


On Friday (6 Dec), Lianhe Zaobao experiences that reactions are combined. Some are prepared to attempt it whereas others, particularly bunny lovers, are saying they’ll keep away from it just like the plague.

Rabbit welfare teams like Bunny Wonderland and House Rabbit Society Singapore have even began a petition in opposition to the dish.

Imported rabbit meat to Singapore for Sichuan natives

The proprietor of Tong Xin Ru Yi Conventional Hotpot (同心如意传统铜火锅) shared that he needed to carry the rabbit dishes for Sichuan natives staying in Singapore.

Rabbit is outwardly utilized in many dishes in Sichuan.

Mr Zhang has additionally utilized for a license that enables the restaurant to import rabbit meat. Rabbit meat might be discovered within the list of meat products allowed to be imported into Singapore.

In line with Lianhe Zaobao, Mr Zhang had purchased a whopping 600kg of frozen rabbit meat in November.

Rabbit hotpot & stir-fry

The restaurant now provides 2 rabbit dishes.

For a comparatively hassle-free dish, there’s Diced Rabbit doused in Chilli Oil.


If you’d like one thing extra ‘warming’, there’s the Rabbit Hotpot. Assume mala hotpot, however with rabbit meat.


Divided responses over the dishes

Mr Zhang shared that he “acquired many orders from Sichuan clients” after introducing the brand new gadgets. The restaurant apparently sells a median of 20kg of frozen rabbit meat each day.

Solely 20% of those that tried the rabbit dishes are Singaporean.

Mr Zhang believes this is because of the truth that Singaporeans are usually not used to the style.

Rabbit meat fashionable delicacy in Sichuan

In Lianhe Zaobao‘s survey, some see rabbits as pets and are usually not prepared to attempt the ‘unique’ meat.

Nevertheless, to Sichuan natives, rabbit meat is a well-liked delicacy stated to be nutritious and engaging.

One Sichuan native surveyed defined that whereas she understands that not everybody can settle for the dish, it’s just like individuals who maintain pigs as pets — everybody’s definition of what’s ‘regular’ is completely different.

In an interview conducted by RedAnts, solely 32% of the members stated they wouldn’t thoughts attempting the weird protein.


Bunny lovers kickstart petition in opposition to rabbit hotpot

Naturally, the bunny loving group was triggered upon discovering out that rabbit meat has develop into an ingredient for hotpot in Singapore.

Rabbit welfare group Bunny Wonderland instantly launched a petition Say “No” To Rabbit Hotpot, saying that rabbits are the third most typical family pets in Singapore.


They’re additionally requesting for the restaurant to take away rabbit hotpot from their menu. They wrote,

If this dish is allowed, does that imply there can be cat stews and canine barbecues quickly? This can not occur!

At press time, the petition has garnered over 300 signatures. A few of them left feedback explaining why they had been in opposition to the enterprise.


Which aspect are you on? Share your ideas on the dishes within the feedback beneath.

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