Sunday , 18 February 2018
Female driver block Lot 1 carpark exit for over 1 hour

Female driver block Lot 1 carpark exit for over 1 hour

SINGAPORE – A local female driver who refuse to move block the entire Lot 1 mall exit carpark for over an hour due to a complimentary toll ticket problem. She want then offered a free parking when the toll was opened for her to pass but she refused and wanted her complimentary coupon to be fixed on the spot.

Eventually police arrived, when she is still not willing to move until the police was given warrant to arrest her before she move her vehicle. This incident happen at Lot 1 Shopping Mall started around 9am till 10am.

A citizen also elaborates:

“This woman refused to leave even after police arrive on the scene. She held up every car in the mall, including families with innocent kids, for more than an hour due to some problem with her complimentary ticket.

“Cars were lined up all the way to Basement two, including mine. I saw the incident at 9.30pm, but I was told it started since before 9pm. It ended at around 10pm.

She refused to wind down her window, and only did so when a crowd formed outside her car. Lot 1 security and management asked her politely to reverse her car so that they could solve the problem, but she refused.

Passers-by then started talking to her, and some addressed her politely. She still refused to budge. This was when some people in the crowd got agitated and started throwing remarks at her. Some even yelled at her.”

In the video, many irate drivers can be seen approaching the woman to talk her into moving her car. One woman even tries to calmly tell her that her vegetables are rotting in her car, and proceeds to yell at the driver after this.

Facebook comments of the video also stated that driver reportedly said she wanted her complimentary ticket fixed on the spot.


Female driver block Lot 1 carpark exit for over 1 hour
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