Female Took Selfie When US Airways Flight 1702 crashed

March 15, 2014

On Thursday night time, US Airways Flight 1702 crashed at Philadelphia International Airport after a tire burst throughout takeoff. All 154 passengers and crew members have been evacuated safely from the aircraft and rebooked, however not earlier than one younger passenger did a little bit of first-individual journalism.

Hannah Udren took a selfie outdoors the crash of Flight 1702, and posted it to Twitter with the understated caption “so yup.”

But the video Udren shot shortly earlier than her selfie tells one other aspect of the story.

In the clip, a frightened Udren runs throughout a area, breathlessly explaining what simply occurred to her: “We are evacuating the aircraft. The aircraft is on hearth.”

In the background, different passengers scream and run away from the downed aircraft, however what stands out is Udren’s terrified voiceover: “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.”


Female Took Selfie When US Airways Flight 1702 crashed
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