UPDATED: Foreigners in Boon Lay Kidnap Cats for their Meal

February 10, 2014
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SINGAPORE – A local citizen from Cat Society from Boon Lay informed Fah (Not his real name) that foreigners of that area kidnap cats for their meal. Fah stated in his Facebook post that this is not a hoax. He also warned in his Facebook post: “Those who are staying in Boon Lay with cats, please be careful.  There’s a cases in my place where a group of foreigners kidnap cats and turn them into their meal. One man from the Cat Society informed me. He saw the culprit and give a chase but they managed to escape. Luckily the cats managed to get away this time.”


UPDATED @ 12/2/2014 11:33PM:

We have contacted Fah to verify this matter and he responded:

“I trust that man from Cat Society because he is always there to feed stray cats all around the areas.”

“The group of foreigners kidnap act was last seen in Boon Lay between Blk 214 to 215.”

“He told me that he saw the Chinese looking foreigners kidnapping cats by throwing them into a black trash bag. Eventually the man gave a chase. Soon the foreigner realize he was being aimed, he responded by quickly throwing the trash bag away while escaping.”

“Moments when he threw the bag, few cats was seen escaping from the black trash bag.”

It also came to my attention when one of my friend’s cat soon went missing during the house renovation. They then found furs all around the neighborhood and eventually found the remaining of the cat that was believe to be eaten by the foreign contractor which was confirmed he was from Thailand.”

Updated @ 15/2/2014 4:50PM:

Fah told Wah Lao Eh! that police report was not made due to lack of proof. In addition, making a report without a proper proof would also mean creating awareness to allow the culprit to hide himself to prevent from being caught. Therefore at this point of time, no police report was made.

Citizen DenDen also commented:

“Not only block 214 and 215, the same thing happened around block 208 as well. Cats has been missing since and hopefully the culprits will be caught and brought to justice.”

Updated @ 14/6/2014 1:10AM:

Another resident around the area also sent in an email to WahLaoEh.sg team. She said:

“This not only happened in Boon Lay but in pioneer as well. Block 800+ cats were missing one by one. ”

“There was a cat that was afraid of humans that escaped the kidnapping ( I saw her after my relative’s cat and one resident in the estate’a cat mysteriously disappeared ) But I’m afraid that she’s now caught too cause she used to lurk around my relative’s house area but now she’s gone as well. ”

“I’ve called up the town council to ask regarding whether they’ve been doing it as a pest control but they said they weren’t behind it.  I believe that the same person ( or group of people ) kidnapped the cats around that area as well.”

**Fah (Not his real name) had requested us to censor his name and profile picture from the screenshot for privacy issue.

If you know any additional details, please send it to us at [email protected]

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UPDATED: Foreigners in Boon Lay Kidnap Cats for their Meal
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