Lady Stole iPhone in front of CCTV

January 20, 2014

SINGAPORE – At about 8.07pm on 19 Jan 2014, A lady was caught by CCTV stealing ‘iphone5S Gold 16G’ which was placed beside the cash registry from a store called Hotspot Connection located at *SCAPE. Police reports had been made.

According to Winnie, the store owner, she wrote:

“My sister had her ‘iphone5S Gold 16G’ got stolen by the lady as captured on my CCTV. Happened on 19 January 2014 8:07pm at our shop. Police report had been made and investigations are going on.”

“We’ll be appreciate if anyone knows her or have her details please leave a comment below or contact 91507326 asap! Side note: If you’re the Culprit, please return the phone to us and we will let the matter rest. If not… GOOD LUCK!”

UPDATED @ 12.24AM: She was found in Facebook:

Below is the footage captured from the CCTV.


Lady Stole iPhone in front of CCTV
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