Man Films another man in toilet and post it on Facebook

January 18, 2014

SINGAPORE – A video was just lately posted on-line by fb consumer Leo Jian Yong displaying a brief clip of a younger man caught masturbating in a rest room cubicle.

The video was taken by holding a digital camera or different filming gadget excessive of the cubicle from the one beside it.

The younger man who was within the filmed cubicle was masturbating however shortly found he was being filmed and stopped. The cameraman didn’t retract the digital camera till the sufferer advised him off.

The one that posted it clearly thought it was humorous that he’d caught somebody in an embarrassing state of affairs however clearly uncared for to understand that his motion of secretly filming was additionally fallacious.

The video which was uploaded yesterday and captioned “busted” has gathered virtually 350 shares:

If the identical offence was finished to a feminine sufferer, the individual filming could possibly be charged with insulting the modesty of a lady beneath s509 of the penal code and be jailed as much as B yr, fined or each.

Interestingly, s509 solely offers for insulting the modesty of a lady and it doesn’t apply the place a person is the sufferer:

Word or gesture meant to insult the modesty of a lady 509.  Whoever, meaning to insult the modesty of any lady, utters any phrase, makes any sound or gesture, or reveals any object, intending that such phrase or sound shall be heard, or that such gesture or object shall be seen by such lady, or intrudes upon the privateness of such lady, shall be punished with imprisonment for a time period which can prolong to at least one yr, or with nice, or with each.

Shockingly, we couldn’t discover any regulation which corresponds to this part however applies to males.

It would seem that Singapore’s legal guidelines don’t consider that a man’s modesty may be insulted with out bodily contact.

This is one other instance of a regulation which is biased towards ladies and exhibits the gender inequality.

In the case of girls, the very act of filming is prohibited and will land you in jail, on this occasion, the perpetrator has even uploaded the video on-line clearly displaying the younger man’s face and sharing it round freely.


Man Films another man in toilet and post it on Facebook
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