Nus Graduate thinks it’s shameful to marry an ITE Graduate

January 7, 2014

SINGAPORE – According to a recent report from citizen that a NUS Graduate discourage and find it shameful to marry an ITE graduate. Many citizen then leave negative remarks on her Facebook status.

Here is what she wrote:

“So disappointing to learn that an old friend of mine from Raffles Girls has married an ITE graduate back in 2008 & they are now living with their 3 children in a flat in Bishan. She did invite me to her wedding but I was on a business trip then…

Like myself, her wealthy parents(in their 60s) who live in a compound house on Amber Road by themselves, did not approve of their relationship from the very beginning because of his poor family background & where he came from so eventually, they didn’t attend her wedding on the actual day at The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore with 150+ guests. All her siblings & other relatives did attend her wedding though. Don’t say her parents, even I myself as a close friend of hers for 27 years, can’t believe it when I heard from an ex-classmate of ours who attended her wedding as we were really good friends back then. But now I don’t even feel like going over & say hi whenever I see her because she brought shame to RGS by going with a guy who can’t support her financially. I’m extremely disappointed in her.

She holds a MBA from Cornell & owns a retail company & drives a Subaru Legacy. He on the other hand, has only an ITE certificate & currently working in a local technology company as a normal worker doing those clerical work, not even anywhere close to being a manager. And on top of that, he only own a Toyota Vios(the cheapest of all Japanese cars in Singapore). What kind of women will go with a man like him? It is as if she is the 1 feeding him when it should be the other way round. She really let me & her parents down big time.. luckily I didn’t attend the wedding if not I’d have a lot to say about it in front of all the guests!”

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Nus Graduate thinks it’s shameful to marry an ITE Graduate
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