Primary School kids bullied at HDB Corridor. Many Witness, But no action.

June 13, 2014

SINGAPORE – Few kids was seen bullying younger kids at a HDB Block 107 Corridor. According to Laurel, the female who captured the entire incident was ignored after she shouted at them. She also said that a Chinese man which went over to stop them but the bully continue when the man left the scene. However, the act stop when the same man went over the second time.

Actual Venue is currently still unknown.
Incident was reported at Yishun New Town HDB Block 107.

Wah Lao Eh! Editorial team managed to speaks with Laurel who witness the entire event.

She witness the act that happen about 10 minutes which has gotten resident attention which some even when over to the corridor to see what’s going on.

Her mother eventually shouted at them threatening them that she will be making a police report. However, the bullies seem to completely ignored her. However, no police reports were made due to the fact that they might have already left the scene when police arrived, hence having no direct proof to the police.

She also heard during the screaming and shouting that the bullies main objective of the fight is to get the kid to apologise to a malay boy.

In fact, Laurel wanted to rush over to stop the situation but was stopped by her mother first before she could leave the house as her mother was worried about her safety due to the fact that she was only 17 hence rejecting her goodwill.

 UPDATED @ 1:20AM: Laurel continue to explain that few of the bullies were often seen around the void deck these few days. She also add on that the bullies was seem to be from Yishun Primary School and they looks like there were Primary 4 kids.

Laurel then also said that the entire incident involved 6-7 boys and 2 girls (bullies), and the bullied child.

A netizen Joey also commented:

“Feeling so disgusted, feel so upset for their family. If only someone can give them 1 slap to wake them up. If only someone give them a lesson and let them know how’s the feeling like to be bullied.”

EDITOR NOTE: Wah Lao Eh! Editorial Team had sent an email to Yishun Primary School to verify the matter and how they will deal with the issue. However, there are no reply from YPS yet.

If you know or witness this act, please kindly send them over to [email protected]

Bring those bullies to justice!

-Wah Lao Eh! Stories (edt)


CONTRIBUTOR LAUREL NOTE: In the video, the narrator describe “ceiling” which she actually meant building.

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