Riot in Singapore – Little India

December 8, 2013

SINGAPORE – Riot in Singapore, Little India, confirmed it is located at junction of Race Course Road and Hempshire Road at 9.23pm. Wah Lao Eh was informed by one of our citizen that there is a group of foreign workers destroying Singapore property in the middle of the road.


Another citizen, Vega, also commented that our local Police vehicle got smashed and burnt by the foreign workers.

UPDATED @ 12.00AM: Police have said in a statement that they are in control of the riots at Little India.

UPDATED @ 11.57PM: Another citizen uploaded a video of an explosion at Little India. Video can be found at:

UPDATED @ 11.53PM: Citizen informed Wah Lao Eh that the cause of this riot is due to a accident whereby a bus driver accidentally knock down an Indian man and cause the few hundreds to revenge for him.

UPDATED @ 11.42PM: Another video from resident of the area showing the riot scene at little india. Video can be found at:

UPDATED @ 11.38PM: The police has issued warning and advised all citizen to keep away from the affected area in Little India.

UPDATED @ 11.33PM: video has been going around the media that riot is happening now. A video showing Indian foreign workers smashing the windscreen on a Singapore bus. Video can be found at:

If anyone spotted any updates, please kindly send them over


Riot in Singapore – Little India
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