SBS Bus Driver Near-miss at Punggol Road

February 8, 2014

SINGAPORE – On A February 2014 at about 1459 hrs, a SBS bus proper cross the traffics with out checking for oncoming car and virtually crashing with different P automobiles.

The witness says:

“I was driving alongside Punggol Road with my spouse heading in the direction of CTE (Ang Mo Kio). I was driving at about 60km/h. Traffic was clean and look at was clear on the street with few automobiles on the street.  Weather was sunny and shiny.

As I was approaching the junction of Punggol Road and Punggol Field, I observed that there was a bus on the other aspect of the street making its proper flip into Punggol Field.

Beside me on the suitable was a blue van additionally travelling straight forward.

As my car was shifting into the junction, a bus service quantity: 136 bearing plate no: SBS 8806R, made its proper flip with out giving the fitting of method for oncoming automobiles. At this occasion, each the blue van and I needed to apply e-braking so as to avert hitting into the bus. ”

See the video right here:


SBS Bus Driver Near-miss at Punggol Road
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