SMRT Platform Door Opened Worried Commuters For The Safety of Kids or Terrorist

March 30, 2014

SINGAPORE – Singapore commuters have been fearful of the security of youngsters or terrorist as a result of platform door was extensively opened with out anybody attending to it.

Below is the remark made by the commuter:

“Till now, SMRT has not issued any clarification about how the previous man obtained onto the practice tracks but and I consider they might by no means achieve this to guard their picture. I consider the state of affairs can be very a lot totally different had the previous man suffered an unlucky consequence as an alternative, since an inquiry can be referred to as for. Having stated that, a close to-miss accident doesn’t imply every part may be shoved beneath the blanket. Surely, the aftermath of that incident ought to have prompted their administration to implement larger strain on their employees or contractors to make sure public security by making certain on the minimal, that their platform doorways are locked always. ”

“Today, I witnessed an prompt when the platform rear door at Simei Station was vast opened with out anybody attending to it for an excellent 10 minutes. This is a worrying sight if you don’t consider it as any drawback. The lack of employees consciousness and vigilance can result in very ugly circumstances if unattended youngsters run into the door or if potential terrorists-alike might benefit from that chance. Besides, what has the Oliver Fricker, the man who trespassed and vandalized a practice few years in the past taught you about safety? Perhaps, SMRT Management can look into this, and take into consideration the slack safety measures and enforcement might end in unprecedented conditions.”


SMRT Platform Door Opened Worried Commuters For The Safety of Kids or Terrorist
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