SMRT wants to FINE commuters for entering packed train

January 28, 2014

Singapore’s nice system by no means fails to amaze me.

And the newest add-on (to be confirmed) needed to be the most effective:

No, however actually?! Are you critical, this isn’t a joke?!
Apparently it’s on the papers and in addition to, April’s too distant… SO HELLO? You’re nonetheless kidding proper???

“Entering or remaining in practice when it’s full”– Fine $500.

Who’s supposed to go away the practice when it’s full? You?? How can this technique even be enforced baffles me lol. So if we have been to enter the practice by chance when it’s full, we’ll get fined? What if I’m tiny sufficient to slide into the aspect and squeeze? Will the MRT then beep and go: “Overloaded!!!” ??? If not then how are we purported to know whether or not or not is it full?

No entry into practice when it’s full:
12. Without prejudice to regulation eleven, the place any authorised individual determines that a practice is full, no individual shall enter or stay within the practice if directed not to take action by him.

While we’ve but to listen to any actions taken in the direction of Anton Casey‘s case, the brand new “regulation” appears to take a toll on the commuters as an alternative. What do you assume?


SMRT wants to FINE commuters for entering packed train
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