Student was leaded to scam business unknowingly after applying for the job

March 1, 2014

SINGAPORE – A Singaporean female student recently applied for a full-time job to use her bank account to transfer funds which eventually turned out to be a scam business. As police report will be lodged against her, because funds were transferred to her bank account.

The female student explained:

“This person opened a Facebook online shop, selling all sorts of items ranging from game consoles(PS4/PS3) to clothes & accessories (RW shoes, etc) and jewellery (Tiffany&Co), with prices exorbitantly cheaper than the market price.
One day he sent me an PM, stating, in quote “Hey guys, we are providing this golden opportunity for you to work with us. Enjoy this special privilege of earning $2400 bi weekly. Interested get back to us soon”.

“I asked him for more info, and his reason for “hiring” people to work under him is because he’s overseas in Indonesia for a biz trip, to “expand the business overseas”.

“After viewing his Facebook online business profile, I thought he was legitimate enough (not referring to his goods as legitimate) as there were evidence of customers buying from him. Also, I was saving up money for my school semester next year, hence I thought it would be ok to take up this “job opportunity”.

“He requested for a photocopy of my NRIC & bank account number, and explained that we can begin training from that day on. ”

“Long story short, all there was to the job scope was that for the period of 2 weeks, when his customers pre-order the items from his Facebook online shop, the customers will transact the money into my bank account, and I had to remit it to Indonesia.

“On Sunday, nearing the end of the job period, and interestingly enough, he told me over the phone that I’ll hand over the job to him on Tuesday when he returns from Indo, and asked if I preferred to meet up on tuesday or to transfer directly to me. To top it off, he added an “additional $400 incentive” as a bonus.

“On Tuesday, I PM’ed him in the day, asking when he’ll be paying me. I got no reply from him. At night, noticing that his Facebook account was online, I asked him again. He replied, saying that he’ll call me later.

“Guess what happened the next few minutes; I couldn’t find his Facebook profile anymore. I was damn anxious, that if he really deleted his whole account, meaning that his customers will be lodging a police report and the latter will be knocking on my doors soon enough.

“Well in fact, he only blocked and deleted me off Facebook, meaning that he’s still running his “business” online. ”

“Just wanna rant here that I wish I wasn’t so naive, and wasted my time travelling to the POST office to remit money. ”

“Screenshots are here. Some of the conversation took place via whatsapp too but I did not do a screenshot for whatsapp. ”

Wah Lao Eh! Editorial had contacted the person and pending responds.


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Student was leaded to scam business unknowingly after applying for the job
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