[Video] Youth Molest Female Commuter on SMRT

February 9, 2014
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SINGAPORE – Youth molested female commuter while faked sleep on train. Face was caught on 0:05 seconds. Molesting begins again at 1:31 seconds.

Commuter then start doing the recording after realized being molested as she sacrificed her privacy to video it down so that she could warn commuters to be aware of such act.

Commuters are encourage to stand out and shout for help if you realized you are being molested. Police reports are also encouraged.

Citizen Missy Yaya also say:

“As a women, maybe the only way to warn girls/women is to record the incident to show the world what this guy have done. If she did not record it, and post it on the internet, would you guys know who the molester is?? No right??? Looks plays no role in molesting! Even kids get rape/molest, do the rapist or molester looks for beauty??? No. They look for somebody who is easy to prey on.as long they get their own satisfy. Salute to the girl. U did a great job. At least u have show us who the molester is. And to those who say that they know each other. Did you even get molested by somebody before?? Imagine if that happen to ur wife/gf/kid. And they keep quiet and did not record. U feel angry right?? That when i say karma to your own face!”

See the video below:

UPDATED: The reader who wants to be known as ‘Miss Sixty’ happens to be in the same ITE as the youth molester. Miss Sixty shared that the molester has a Facebook account ‘Lim Boon Loong aka Boi Boi‘.

Miss Sixty also informed that BoiBoi now has a girlfriend named ‘Jin Hui‘.

As seen in the series of photos above, both BoiBoi and Jin Hui took affectionate and intimate photos together.


[Video] Youth Molest Female Commuter on SMRT
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