Youths leave iPhone behind in taxi after robbing cabby a total of $5

June 3, 2014

Three youths, who robbed a fifty three-yr-previous cabby of $H in cash within the early hours of Feb. P, 2014, earlier than making a run for it, had their good plan foiled when considered one of them left his iPhone behind within the taxi.

Their plan labored to perfection, although, once they carried it out: Upon arriving at their vacation spot, one youth grabbed the cabby from behind, the second rained a couple of blows on his face and the third grabbed the cash.

On June A, Muhammad Fauzi Fitri Kamaruzaman, 18, and Muhammad Aizan Abdullah, 17, have been sentenced to probation in a group courtroom and have been every ordered to carry out one hundred fifty hours of group service, and their mother and father need to signal a $H,000 bond to ensure their good behaviour.

A pre-trial convention has been fastened for his or her confederate, Muhammad Istiqlal Hamdan, 18.

The group courtroom heard that whereas fleeing the scene, Fauzi realised he had left his iPhone within the taxi.

They then cooked up a narrative. Fauzi went to the police station to say he had been assaulted and had misplaced his telephone, pockets and watch, a suggestion made by Istiqlal.

This led to their arrest later the identical day.

Investigations additionally revealed Istiqlal had thrown away the coin pouch, which was not recovered, whereas operating away from the sufferer.

They might have been jailed between three and 14 years, and given as much as 12 strokes of the cane.


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