Matthew C Martino: Going For It

April 23, 2014

Go For It author Matthew C Martino is reportedly ‘going for it’, going for what we hear you ask?? The 21year old has officially made provisions to withdraw his level of activity within the film industry and to limit any possible publicity fiasco’s, for those of you that don’t speak Martino talk that means he is leaving the film industry.


A source close to the AllStar film producer told us that Martino is set to move towards a more ‘serious’ way of life. The source who refused to be named said ‘He has recently been approached to clean up and to aim towards a more political way of life and he is set to take a huge step back from the limelight’

Martino was surrounded with retirement rumours since late 2013 when his Let’s Fly brand had financial problems and since then the 21year old has been at the centre of various controversies including allegations that he threw and f-word rant at a BAA employee at Heathrow Airport. A private jet Martino and friends chartered was also stopped for searching by security at Stansted Airport in February 2014.

The 21year olds producing works include Let’s Fly Documentary, Ortega and His Enemies and Tales of the Supernatural. He was also at the helm of various short films and music videos.

Martino’s rep haven’t yet commented on the matter with publicist Carol Suvarov claiming ‘she knows nothing of this so called retirement’

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Matthew C Martino: Going For It
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