Singapore Radio DJ face in Whip-cream

January 21, 2014

SINGAPORE – Singapore radio presenter, Kenji, got his face smashed into a tray filled with whip-cream after losing a challenge called “Sabo The DJ” which they will have to imitate a sound requested by the host.

Two radio DJs, Gib and Veronica, hosted The Live Radio re-launch programme last Saturday (18 Jan 2014) from 1pm to 4pm.

During the interview with The Live Radio presenter, Kenji, who says:

“It was actually kind of fun because if the challenges are not interesting or if there is not a penalty, then it is no longer fun.”

When asked how do you feel being a radio DJ, Kenji commented:

“The experience is very unique and special because we actually get hands-on opportunity on what’s behind the scene. In addition, we will get to know more about our listeners every time we do our marketing research and planning for our later shows in Singapore.”


Singapore Radio DJ face in Whip-cream
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