Facebook to launch ‘No Swearing Campaign’

March 14, 2014

Circulating message purporting to be from Mark Zuckerberg claims that Facebook is about to launch a ‘no swearing marketing campaign’ and that folks subsequently caught utilizing profanity on the community may have their accounts locked pending additional investigations.

The message wrote:

“As of March 20/2014 we at fb might be launching a ‘No Swearing’ Campaign, Anyone caught utilizing profanity may have their account locked additional a pending investigation.

“This is because of the new legal guidelines issued by our authorized division (part 182P34b) as new advertisers have petitioned for a ‘cleaner’ household pleasant social community.

If a consumer continues to make use of profanity the account can be shut down and a everlasting ban can be positioned into impact instantly.”

According to this social media pushed message, beginning on March twentieth 2014, Facebook shall be implementing a ‘no swearing campain’ in an try and curtail profanity on the community. The message claims that after the launch date, individuals caught swearing on Facebook could have their accounts locked pending additional investigation. And, claims the message, individuals who proceed to make use of profanity on the community could have their accounts completely and instantly shut down.

Supposedly, the brand new ‘legal guidelines’ about swearing have been issued by Facebook’s authorized division in response to strain from advertisers.

The message, which is rendered as a graphic, claims to return immediately from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself.

However, the claims within the message are utter nonsense. Facebook has made no announcement about an anti-profanity marketing campaign just like the one described and Mark Zuckerberg definitely didn’t ship out the message.

The message is seemingly only a foolish prank. Or it maybe represents one consumer’s somewhat lame try and scare individuals into swearing much less on Facebook.

Presumably, if Facebook have been to launch such an initiative, it will a minimum of verify the spelling and grammar utilized in any notification messages earlier than sending them. And, regardless of the profound affect that Facebook might have on a few of its customers, Facebook shouldn’t be a authorities. Therefore, whereas it might implement phrases of use, replace insurance policies and anticipate customers to comply with a set of group requirements, it can’t difficulty ‘legal guidelines’.

Facebook doesn’t have any particular guidelines (and even legal guidelines) about profanity. However, relying on the context, use of profanity could be thought-about hate speech or bullying and harassment and will subsequently contravene Facebook’s Community Standards and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

And, for the report, Facebook Page managers have already got entry to a profanity filter that they will allow and configure in the event that they really feel it’s needed.

Some customers might be offended by how a lot profanity they encounter on Facebook. But, annoying different Facebook customers by sharing this inane prank message is more likely to incite much more dangerous language.


Facebook to launch ‘No Swearing Campaign’
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