More Businesses Are Hit by Cyber Attack

June 14, 2014

If you are of the opinion that your enterprise is too young and small to be an eye-catching target for notorious cyber criminals or even small time hackers who just love to fiddle around on the Internet, steal away information or merely destroy it, think again!

The world today has become highly connected & converged and several investigative reports and surveys suggest that cyber hackers are constantly on the lookout for defenseless small business servers and networks.

Small Businesses Frequently Victimized: Symantec Survey Report A recent survey commissioned by Symantec made some shocking revelations about the susceptibility of small businesses to online threats.

A total of 2,100 businesses were surveyed of which:

* All businesses had lost one or more digital devices that had NO digital protection.

* Around 74% were directly affected by viruses, malware, worms etc.

* 42% lost highly confidential and business critical data in one year.

* 47% are yet to have a data backup policy.

Most of businesses surveyed had just taken an irresponsible approach to IT security. They weren’t protecting their mobile devices, had no data backup policies, never thought of putting up a network firewall or hardly consulted specialists for guidance on the subject.

Small Businesses Are Easy Prey for Cyber Criminals: Verizon Report Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (2013) observed that small scale companies (partners, suppliers or vendors or large companies) usually provide ‘the path of least resistance’ into a big company’s network and data. This indeed is a shocking finding.

Verizon recorded a total of 621 data breaches in 2012. Around half of data breaches took place at midsized companies (<1000 headcount). As many as 193 of all recorded data breaches directly affected small businesses (<100 headcount).

Large Scale Data Breaches Make News and the Rest Don’t

One of the key reasons (apparently) why small business owners continue to ignore IT security is that they hardly hear about cyber criminals targeting them. Large scale data thefts hit headlines almost immediately and do rounds on the social media but how thousands of small businesses are affected every day by planned or unorganized attacks is seldom reported in the newspapers.

Final Words – Do NOT Ignore IT Security if you are a Small Business

In a world of non-stop change, it’s absolutely necessary that small business owners ponder over the potential damages that network security breaches, data thefts and other such cyber-attacks can result in.

Everyone is using digital devices of some sort and there’s always some confidential data on them. Protecting private LANs, servers, workstations etc. is not rocket-science; it can be done easily provided small business owners are willing to take the necessary steps.

Hiring a competent IT support company or a full-time server and network security professional does sound like a costly proposition but given the fact that there’s a lot on stake, it’s advisable for small businesses to adopt a proactive approach to data and network security.

By Ngwei

-Wah Lao Eh! Stories (edt)

More Businesses Are Hit by Cyber Attack
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