Thursday , 22 February 2018

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Largest Internet Radio in Singapore Now Support Local Music & Talent

SINGAPORE – According to statistic, on May 2014, The Live Radio hit the milestone by becoming the largest internet radio in Singapore. Today, the station breaks the news that The Live Radio will now be officially supporting local music and talent. “It was indeed heartwarming that we can now support local music and talents in Singapore. I am sure with more ... Read More »

Get your favourite food back home with unexpected cool feature!

When you get home after a hard day at work, chances are that you cannot be bothered with cooking. You dream of sitting in your favorite restaurant and eating your favorite dishes, each one being delivered to your table by the waiter. Then you snap back into reality and search for the take away menu from your local haunt. The ... Read More »

Blogger’s S$5,000 offer for PM Lee damages was rejected as it’s ridiculously low

SINGAPORE — Lawyers for Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong have rejected blogger Roy Ngerng’s S$5,000 offer as damages for defamation, saying that the offer is “derisory”. The offer “completely disregards the gravity of your client’s conduct, the disputed fact that the libel is false and malicious, and your client’s calculated and systematic aggravation of the injury and distress to our ... Read More »

Australian bus company has declared to enter Singapore Market to compete with SMRT & SBS

SINGAPORE – Following the federal government’s announcement of a bus system overhaul, an Australian bus firm has declared that it intends to enter the Singapore market and can quickly be establishing an workplace right here. Tower Transit, which was based in Perth, Australia has a number of different investments into overseas bus methods together with the operation of over four hundred ... Read More »

STOMP is full of nonsense? “Moth Pregnant because it’s at the train Reserved Seat”

SINGAPORE – A recent report from STOMP published an article about a Moth who might be pregnant because it flew to a train reserved seat. The statement made was as follows: “The moth invasion continues as this one joins commuters on the MRT. Stomper Joshua was amused by the sight of this tropical swallowtail moth occupying a reserved seat on the train yesterday. ... Read More »

No new National Day song for this year’s parade

SINGAPORE – No one can discover fault with the National Day track this yr – for there’ll merely not be one, breaking a follow that goes again at the very least sixteen years. Songs such because the Nineteen Eighties composition Stand Up For Singapore and the 1998 NDP music Home shall be sung as an alternative, stated National Day Parade (NDP) ... Read More »

Netizen sacked after posting vulgar reply to PM’s Facebook post

SINGAPORE – A Facebook consumer who posted vulgar abuse in response to Mother’s Day needs by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has been sacked from his job. Mr Ridhuan Abdullah, 30, had recognized himself as a safety officer at “Keith Morton” on the publish, which triggered the transfer. The safety agency’s proprietor, Mr William Morton Jr, stated yesterday that such conduct ... Read More »

Man goes to McDonald’s with a female underwear on his head

SINGAPORE – Uniquely Singapore. This man went to a McDonald restaurant in Singapore with a pink and white female looking underwear on his head. The man was seated at a table before proceeding to make a purchase. A netizen Alpha commented: “I have heard that one in six Singaporean are having mental related issue, it is not funny.” “Social problems will only ... Read More »

Surgery was conducted when patient is not fully numb

SINGAPORE – A senior gynaecologist has been suspended and fined J$10,000 for performing a caesarean part on his affected person with out making certain that she was absolutely anaesthetised. The Singapore Medical Council (SMC) discovered sixty eight-yr-previous Dr Daniel Lee Kim Kwong of Lee Women’s Clinic and Surgery responsible of “critical” skilled misconduct. The incident happened in August 2010. Before ... Read More »

3 Newborn Birds were killed by Resident from Choa Chu Kang Block 437

SINGAPORE – Newborn birds was attacked by owner when bird build a nest beside their air-conditioning system. According to Sheena, she witness a resident from Choa Chu Kang Block 437 #06-489, killed 3 newborn birds by using a stick and push the nest down from 6 storey high. Below is the comment made by her: “Somebody from this block, this ... Read More »