Our Experience at Artichoke

November 5, 2018

This was our very first food tasting experience and we’re glad to say it was an enjoyable one. We’re going to keep it short and sweet about the food that we tried and what we thought about it.

Before we get into the food, here’s Chef Bjorn’s story on starting Artichoke:
Having a restaurant based on middle-eastern food is inspired by the movie, “You Don’t Mess With The Zohan” It is a way of living in his favorite movie.

The name Artichoke came about with him just flipping through a cookbook and landing his finger on the first word he points at.

Early on when the restaurant was still young, he always tried to please everyone with what they wanted on the menu, until one day, he had a mindset change “This is my restaurant, my own money” and he just did what he wants to do. He decided that he doesn’t want to give people what they wanted because different people wants different things and it’s hard to please everyone. He have to be ahead of them, set the trend if not you are following the trend.

1. Fried Cauliflower Salad

Zhi Hui: As someone who doesn’t like vegetables or salad, eating something like that was tough. But the roasted cauliflower really made me have a different experience. The roasted part smells really nice and tasted nothing like I would have imagined. It was sweet and juicy yet crunchy on the top.

Shirree: The cauliflower is fried, so there is abit of charred feels. But it is not dry, you can still get a little of that juice from it. The egg is hardboiled, but still watery inside, so it gives a nice texture to the salad as a while. There’s some ingredient inside that made the salad have a crunchy feels. Can totally finish the entire bowl by myself!!!

2. Lebanese Fried Chicken

Zhi Hui: Nothing could go wrong with fried chicken but this dish brought the standards up to a whole new level. The chicken drumstick was very juicy and fresh, it was seasoned very well. I’m not a big fan of garlic and sauces but as I dip into the garlic sauce I felt that it goes very well with the chicken. It was a very mild garlic taste and was easy for me to accept it. 1 drumstick is enough to fill you

Shirree: Chicken was really tender. Usually comes in 4. But the max I can probably eat is 2 pieces, because the drums is quite huge. It is good for sharing. GOT TO REALLY BUA THE SAUCE ON THE PLATE! The sauce is very flavourful!

3. Shakshouka

Zhi Hui: We tried the one cheese version. I really loved the bread that comes with it. The tomato sauce at the bottom worked very well with the bread as well as the halloumi cheese. At first, I thought the cheese was a block of fried tofu because the taste of it wasn’t too heavy. Then as I savored it more, I fell in love with the taste. It’s not a stringy kind of cheese, I never had that kind before so it was a great experience for me, and also good knowledge about the different kinds of cheese.

Shirree: Sour tomato, savory cheese, thus it brings a good balance. The cheese is really generous, it was a huge piece.

4. Green Machine Pizza

Zhi Hui: I’m not a fan of mushrooms, so I didn’t quite enjoy the dish.

Shirree: It is nice, juicy and not dry like I expected it to be as its baked in the oven together with the pizza. Its a good mix with the pesto sauce.

5. Cheeseburger Lahmacun

Zhi Hui: By now you would have known im a very picky eater BUT it might come as a shock to you that I don’t really like beef. And I have never had beef more than 5 times in my entire life. If I have a choice, I would definitely eat chicken over beef. But like what the dish is called, we would all know it’s a dish with beef as its main ingredient. I had to “force” myself to eat it at first but then I found myself getting a second slice after I finished the first. It felt like a comfort food, tasted like a cheese burger if you roll it, close your eyes and ate it. It leans to being a little sour, but it was still good as I generally don’t fancy sour food.

Shirree: I don’t really fancy cheeseburger because of the pickles and slight sour taste to it.  So this was not really my thing.

6. Soft Serve Ice-cream

Zhi Hui: Probably my favorite out of everything. The sea salt that comes with it was very refreshing, it was very mild but I loved the combination of the burnt caramel with it. No joke, I never had better soft serve ice-cream than this. It was a hot day out too, so when we ate it, it definitely was much more SHIOK.

Shirree: So shocked when I took the first mouth. I mean, when you look at it, it certainly doesn’t look THAT appetizing. This dessert taught me to not judge an ice cream by it’s looks. It was absolutely amazing.

7. Malabi Split

Zhi Hui: This was very new to me, and I liked it a lot. The coconut vanilla pudding, together with the strawberry and pink peppercorn was like an explosion in your mouth. There’s sweet, sour, and a tinge of spice which makes it unique. It was an interesting taste with the peppercorn but I wouldn’t say I didn’t like it.

Shirree: Unique is the word for this. Never tasted anything like that before. It brings surprises to your mouth due to the different flavors brought up by the ingredients.

8. Date Pudding

The date pudding is on the top right.
Zhi Hui: It was like a cake, and all the other ingredients like the coffee jelly, were down below as u dig into it. It was so soft and when you eat it together with the coffee jelly, it gives all kinds of texture in your mouth. Also, there was a little sea salt in this dessert, so it definitely adds on to the flavour.

Shirree: Cake is moist. Coffee taste is slight. Could have been a bit more flavourful.

9. Tiramisu Latte

Zhi Hui: I felt like having some coffee, and I like tiramisu a lot so why not. I have no complaints, the coffee is well-made, the tiramisu flavour wasn’t too heavy but I still could taste it.


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