Top Hotel in Singapore not guarantee to be safe

April 23, 2018
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Disclaimers: We heard of this experience through a Facebook post that was shared online by Soh Wan Wei.

A hen’s party at MBS didn’t really turn out as expected for Soh and here is her story

The plan was for Soh to have a hen’s party at MBS. Her friend’s husband booked a room on behalf of her and 3 of her other friends at a special rate at SGD$420. The guy who gave us the special rate told them to call his staff when they reached the hotel at 2 pm. With that, they placed a deposit of $200 first. Here is a timeline of what happened, the drama started from 8pm onwards.

  • 2pm: We reached the hotel. The staff told us to wait for 30mins.
  • 2.30pm: The staff said she is delayed, and asked them to wait for another 30minutes.
  • 3.15pm: After waiting for one and a half hours, the staff came in and brought them upstairs. They got into the room 3150, and paid after they were handed 2 access card by the staff
  • 5pm: 2 of them went up to the Banyan Tree Fitness Club @ Marina Bay Sands ( Tower 2 Lvl 55 ) But both didn’t have sports shoes so they couldn’t gym. her friend went back to the hotel room, and Soh went to use the sauna and spa facilities.
  • 5pm to 7.00pm: Soh was happily saunaing and steaming, went returned to hotel room after
  • 7pm: 2 other friends arrived for the party so they left the hotel room to buy dinner back to the hotel.
  • 8pm: NOW, this is when all the drama starts. We got to level 31 and then could not open the 3150 hotel door with both cards.

They briefly panicked as their valuables were inside the room! One of them called the guy who gave them the rate of $420 and Soh called the front desk. The front Desk Staff said that there is no guest registered under 3150 and the last guest checked out 3 days ago.

The implication from Soh’s own words “Are we ghosts…? If I died, how is it possible that I did not know that I’ve died?! “So she asked the front desk: “Then who are we?”

The front desk explained that unfortunately, he cannot do anything for them because there is no guest registered under room 3150.

At that point of time, Soh retorted that if there are no guests registered, how is it that their luggages are inside Room 3150 and that she could enter the sauna and the skygarden at level 57 with the 3150 access card?

However, front desk guy once again told them that unfortunately there is nothing he can do for them because they not registered guests.

  • 9pm: They were stuck at level 31 for 1hr because they couldn’t enter the room, Around 8.45pm a security manager Azmir came up and asked what happened
  • 9pm-10pm: More front desk saga. Management came down to talk to them and said that they didn’t actually make the booking through MBS, but made the booking through “middlemen”, which technically is “prohibited”.

And they said the person who checked them into the room 3150 is not a staff of MBS.

They confirmed once again that “There are no guests registered under room 3150 on the 21st April 2018”. Therefore, the whole issue is none of MBS business because the four of them do not have any contractual relationship with MBS.

So now this is where the can of worms is opened:

>>Worm #1: This means they actually paid $420 to “middlemen” who have access to the keys to MBS hotels. These middlemen not only have full access to the room 3150, but also the entire level 55 gym and level 57 skypark and gardens.

And they do it without registering anybody in the rooms that they have access to.

This sounds really unsafe. Middlemen who are not related to MBS having free unsolicited access to any MBS rooms they want?

>>Worm #2: MBS staffs can always say they don’t know anything because the people who have been robbed of their time and plans have no contractual agreement with them.

However, note that Soh could access level 55, 57 and the room 3150 for a bit (at least 3 full hours) You know how drama shows tend to show people getting murdered in hotels? Well this might well be a real possible loophole that can be exploited. No registration, no trace, and full access!

>> Worm #3: MBS staffs were really polite, and to me, shockingly calm.

Soh asked their management, “Does this usually happen?” And management said, “sometimes, and your case is not the most suay.”

They proceeded to tell me how some people bought their package off carousell and cannot even check into the room. And because there is no formal contract between them and MBS, nothing can be done.

Does this case show that no top hotels are safe? Not even in Singapore?

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